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A Passionate Pioneer
Players come and go on a football team, but some things remain the same.

This is the case for Todd Paige, who has been retrieving the kickoff tee for the Stillwater Pioneer football team since 2007. It goes much deeper than that for Paige however, as he has been coming to watch the Pioneers practice since 2006.

He graduated from Stillwater High School in 1988, but never lost his love for Stillwater athletics, or Oklahoma State athletics. He goes to many Oklahoma State baseball games and when Kristen Gundy was a freshman at Oklahoma State, she was a diamond doll for the baseball team and the two of them hit it off right away. They have remained friends to this day and his friendship with her has paid off.

"I was on the sidelines," (for the Texas game) Paige said. "I talked to Mrs. Gundy about it and she said that would be perfect."

Paige lives in the apartments behind the Walmart on Perkins Rd. He has no car to take him places so he must walk everywhere or get rides from people. Most of the times he will walk to practice, but he also works at the Food Pyramid grocery store Monday through Thursday. He has been working there for nearly 20 years and he has worked his way up to the head courtesy clerk. He is the one who makes sure the store is clean and in tiptop shape for the customers. Sometimes he is forced to get rides, but most of the time he has no trouble finding one.
10-29-12 by Ty Loftis
"If I have to do some stuff my dad usually takes me," Paige said. "Amy Guthrie, Garrett's (Guthrie) mom, she usually gets me to the games. Kevin Fowler, Will's dad helps me out when he can. Sometimes I will talk to Will, and he will say, 'Oh we need to go up to my house and he will take you home.'"

Paige also helps out with the Pioneer baseball team. He doesn't go to as many practices or games, but he enjoys it just as much.

"I just make sure everything is going good in the dugout," Paige said.

When Paige was in high school, he claims he was too small to play football; he was 5 foot 10 inches and 145 pounds. That is no excuse if you were to ask Pioneer junior King Williams, who is five foot four, 130 pounds. Paige now claims that he could play linebacker.

Paige even gets to travel with the team, which sounds exciting, but to Paige the most exciting part is getting to sleep on the bus. He said he does get excited when the team gets to the stadium though.

"I like to see the new sites and the new stadiums," Paige said.

There have been a number of changes at Stillwater High School since Paige graduated in 1988. There have been numerous coaching changes and the football field has had a serious upgrade.

"This here was not here when I was here," (Pioneer Stadium) Paige said. "It was just an old beat up piece of junk. We always had to play at Hamilton Field. This is a lot better."

Senior linebacker Garrett Guthrie said that Paige first introduced himself to Guthrie two years ago and the two of them hit it off. Paige views Guthrie as one of his good friends and Guthrie views Paige in the same way. As for sophomore linebacker Will Fowler, he has known Paige for most of his life. Paige calls Fowler his little brother and always tells him he did a good job; rather he played good or bad.

Pioneer football is a lot better for knowing Paige. His love and pride for Pioneer football is unmatched and he will encourage everyone to do their best.

"We love having Todd around the kids," Offensive line coach Chad Cawood said. "He helps us out a ton and he is such a positive man and a great influence on our football team."
Fan Of The Week: Colton Bunney
Grade: Junior

Do you play any sports here at Stillwater?

What position?

What do you like most about the football games?
I just like the atmosphere and hanging out with friends

Can you compare the atmosphere here as opposed to baseball games?
It's a lot more vibrant here

Do you people call you anything other than Bunney?
I've got a lot of other nicknames. The other common one would be Dougie.

Do you have any superstitions about the football games or even your own baseball games?
I always wear the same sliders. I also always have people tell me jokes before the games so that I'm not nervous, I guess.
Week 9 Players Of The Week
-Offensive Player of the Week: King Williams, RB-
The junior spearheaded the wildcat formation on offense, gaining 100 yards rushing. His ability to run the zone read kept Enid's defense off balance throughout the game.

Offensive coordinator Paul Hix's take: "He makes our run game work a lot better. With King, you have to respect the run game and so they stayed at home."

-Defensive Player of the Week: Brooks Zimmerman, DB-
Zimmerman was everywhere Friday night, recording 17 tackles. The sophomore earned POTW honors for the second time this year.

Defensive Coordinator Jeremy Hughes' take: "Brooks had to step up and he did. He also saved us from some big plays. He played very well and probably grew up a lot in that game.

-Special Teams Player of the Week: Isaiah Graves, P-
Graves pinned the Plainsmen deep in their own territory on a couple of occasions. Two of his punts landed within the Enid 20 yard line, including one that was downed at the five.

Special Teams Coach Trent Worley's Take: "On his kickoffs, he didn't actually kick any out of the end zone this week, but he did kick a couple that we covered well, including one where we forced them to start another possession from inside their 20."

-Practice Player of the Week: Seth Ross, LB-
The sophomore plays every down on scout team. Despite being undersized for his position, Ross' work ethic impressed the coaches enough to earn him this week's award.

Head Coach Tucker Barnard's Take: "He's playing the inside linebacker and has to go against our linemen and fullbacks. He's just a fun player to coach because he tries so hard."
Pioneers Look To End Their Season Strong
Friday night is senior night at Stillwater High School, and it will be the last time the seniors get to rush out of the tunnel onto Pioneer Stadium.

Although this hasn't been the season the Pioneers were hoping to have, they have a chance to make one more lasting memory Friday night against the district 6A-1 champion Owasso Rams. One of the biggest wins for the Pioneers last year was when they defeated Owasso, but Coach Tucker Barnard said it won't be as easy this year.

"They do a lot of things well," Barnard said. "Offensively they throw some shifts and some motions at you. They find ways to out leverage you. Defensively they changed schemes form last year, and we are expecting a great football team."

The Pioneers have had a great week of practice and are feeling good about the game. For the seniors, however, this week of practice because will be the last week they will strap on the shoulder pads and helmet. For senior wide receiver Levi Ross, it is bitter sweet.

"I have been putting 13 years of my life into this sport, but it will also free up some time to pursue my academics," Ross said.

For senior defensive lineman Colby Pitts, his final week of practice has been about showing the younger guys what it takes to step up and be a leader on the Pioneer football team.

"I wanted to show the upcoming sophomores and juniors that this is how you play for the coaches to notice you so you can play on varsity," Pitts said.

There are 20 seniors who will play Friday. It is likely to be an emotional game for everyone involved, so come out and support the Pioneers one more time this season. Kickoff is scheduled for 7:30 p.m.
11-1-12 by Ty Loftis
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