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Football is thought of as the ultimate big person's game, where skinny players are looked at as being weak and easy to push around.

Then why is King Williams, who is listed at 5 feet 6, and weighs 140 pounds when he is asked to gain weight for football, arguably the Stillwater High School Pioneer's best all-around football player?

Sophomore linebacker Kayden Secrest said Williams was a playmaker. "He works hard and when he's on the field, he can make plays for us," Secrest said.

Williams played a number of positions last year, his junior year, including safety, slot receiver, kickoff returner and quarterback. It takes a special kind of athlete to fill that many roles on the football field, as sophomore quarterback Braxton Noble said. "He is the best all-around athlete on this team," Noble said. "I will back that up 100 percent."

That athleticism has also translated to the wrestling mat where he earned a trip to the state tournament this season after getting close the two previous years but not making weight. He wrestles in the 120 pound weight class.

Teammate Dayton Campbell, a sophomore fullback/tight end, echoed this statement. "I've known King for a while and he's really been, like, one of the best wrestlers that I met," Campbell said. "There are so many people that I know, who are wrestlers, and I think he is the best."

Williams said during wrestling season his weight would be around 130 pounds and he would spend a week getting his weight down to 120 pounds. He proudly stated his weight is 143 pounds.

When working out with teammates in football, he is a head shorter than almost everybody and he has long limbs for his size. He keeps his haircut in a Mohawk that coaches try to tease him about but Williams can give it as much as he has to take it.

"He brings life to the football field," Noble said. "Without King, this football team would be dull. He makes it fun." It is not that Williams slacks off or does not take things seriously, he just likes to have fun with everything in life. "I like to keep the energy up," Williams said. "I like to have a fun time."

William's fun nature also rubs off on coaches. He can turn a coach's sour mood with one sarcastic comment or jest. Sophomore linebacker Seth Ross appreciates what Williams can do for the rest of the team by reading people's body language. "King can kind of adjust the coach's moods for us some days," Ross said.

Being the youngest of three, with an older brother and sister, Williams embraced being the youngest by staying on his mom's good side. Looking up to his older brother influenced Williams when he was younger and got him into sports, specifically football. "It's something I've grown around and I've liked it a lot," Williams said. "Ever since my brother did it, I've always wanted to be like him, so ever since he started, I've started."

The competiveness with his brother has carried on his whole life. From watching him play when he was younger till now, Williams always wanted to be like his brother but be himself. "I was around him playing in elementary school and he was really good," Williams said. "He was a little bit bigger than me but my stats are better than his, so that makes me better than him."

Both of Williams's siblings went to college or are going to college. He said he grew up in a family where it was understood he was going to college. Williams said he hopes that college football will be a part of his college. His size is the only thing that could hold him back from that but Williams does not let it bother him.

"Well, it doesn't make me feel any different about myself because I know it's not going to change," Williams said. "I just go out there, prove people wrong. I like that. I like surprising people."

Williams said he enjoys defense more than offense because he likes hitting people. He led the team with 93 tackles and five interceptions. He models his game on former LSU cornerback Tyrann Mathieu.

Despite his size, Williams has never been afraid to hit anybody Campbell said. "He works harder than anyone else on the field," Campbell said. "Combine that with his athleticism and that is why he is so good."

On offense he was barley used until injuries at quarterback forced the team to feature Williams at quarterback in the single wing "wildcat" offense exclusively against Owasso.

"It was really fun because I just wanted the ball in my hands and just do what I could do," Williams said. "It was a package we had all year that we didn't really use until that game and then they put me in and I score three touchdowns."

Williams finished with two rushing touchdowns and one passing touchdown. He also had one interception. He did a little of everything in that game because of some impressive physical tools but also his head.

"Yeah, he's got the speed and agility and all that but it doesn't matter how big you are," Ross said. "It matters how big your heart is and how good you listen and he has it all."
9-11-13 by Jordan Neal