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Homecoming Week In Stillwater
The week of homecoming in Stillwater high school brings a lot of excitement for students, players and faculty. With excitement comes tradition and rivalries between the grades, especially for the senior class. This is their last time to compete in games, competitions and enjoy a week of fun as the school comes together to celebrate.

Those traditions include bonfires, building decks and the much anticipated football game on Friday night.

Students love coming together to build miniature versions of decks, similar to what is seen at an Oklahoma State homecoming display. The competition between classes always brings out the competitive nature of the students. This begins a little before homecoming week, but all the students working on it finalize it the Monday before, bringing in a rally of troops in hopes to make the perfect deck.

The bonfire is a signature event toward the end of the week, allowing the students to truly enjoy one another and bond over a blaze of red and orange. On Thursday night, everyone gathers at Hamilton field to enjoy food and enjoyment to end the week of chaotic fun.

Friday afternoon is famously known as "Western Day" and everyone dresses up at lunch. This is always a fun event for students to dress in their best Western attire and feel goofy with their friends as they prepare for the big football game that is on every students mind. The anticipation continues to linger as they await the end of the school day.

Before the big game comes the big pep rally in the gym, which the whole school attends. Homecoming court is announced and voted on when the rally is finished. The anticipation of knowing the winner brings a sense of nervousness for the members of homecoming court. Who will the winner be? This is announced at the football game, in front of all the loyal fans and family members who love the atmosphere of homecoming and know what it means to the students.

The football game is always fun for the band, because they prepare a big number for the halftime show. This is the last time for senior band members to experience homecoming together, and as one member said, "it is like being in a huge family that all comes together and shows the pride of our school."

For any senior, homecoming week is a special time to show leadership and having fun together for one last time. For senior Ashleigh Kuehn homecoming is special for her, "it is the time where the whole school comes together to show our school spirit and we as seniors get to set the bar." Setting the bar for Ashleigh is doing well in the deck competition, which is one of her favorite traditions during the week.

Homecoming traditions are always fun for everyone and the big football game caps of the week of excitement. Any student will tell you that homecoming week brings the student body together. The Pioneers play Ponca City Friday night, in hopes to cap off a week of fun and school spirit.
9-26-13 by Corbyn Wheeler