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Noble Still Has Positive Impact On Pioneers
"Honestly, it wasn't as bad as everybody describes it as," Braxton Noble said. "I just felt a pop and then it was just not that bad."

The Pioneers starting quarterback, Noble, is out for the rest of the season with an ACL injury. This is the second year in a row that the junior quarterback has been taken out by an injury. This would be frustrating for a lot of people, however, Noble is taking a positive outlook on his situation.

"I've probably walked on it more today than I should have, so it feels really swollen, but I'll put some ice on it tonight and it will be fine," Noble said. Even though Noble didn't feel much pain when his injury occurred, he'll have to sit out a few months before he can play football or any kind of sport.

"It's different not suiting up, putting the pads on and fighting with them," Noble said.

In his absence, the Pioneers stepped up and had a big win on senior night. Backup quarterback Jon Littell helped lead the Pioneers to a win, while Noble encouraged his teammates from the sideline. He even joked that his team played better without him.

"Well, we scored a lot more points with me out," Noble said.

Noble's teammate, Marlon McDonald, notes the positive impact Noble has on the team even though he can't play. "He's actually dealing with it way better than I thought he would," McDonald said. "He's happy; he's fun to be around. Even though he's injured he's still involved." His team will miss his impact on the field, but his presence will still be felt in the locker room, on the practice field and on game day.

Coach Tucker Barnard knows the importance of Noble to his teammates. "It was tough; it hurt us psychologically to lose him." Barnard said. "He's a real positive upbeat kid."

Sadly, football season ended a little early for Noble, but this allowed him to reflect on the season and his play throughout.

"I honestly feel like I can say I left everything on the table every game," Noble said.