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Day 2 Of Camp Sees Improvement For Pioneers
Day 2 of the camp in Mustang kicked off with a bang for the Pioneers as it tried to get on track faster than it did in Day 1.

The offense looked sharp, and at times explosive, as it got things started with a touchdown on its first play with a bruising run by Cameron Mayberry. Braxton Noble was able to find both Brandon Prather and Marlon McDonald III through the air consistently all day. The offensive line was able to open holes for the bruising Mayberry and the small and quick Quan Malveaux. Offensive coordinator Paul Hix liked what he saw on the field.

"We were a lot more efficient today," Hix said. "We completed a lot more balls and had a lot more yards with our rushing plays. I thought we were really really good today."

The Pioneers defense had some ground to make up. The defense did not impress in Day 1 with players suffering from confusion and a general lack of fire. Today the coaches drove the defense all day to make sure the players played with some intensity. Co-Defensive coordinator Jeremy Hughes said the coaches made it an effort to not let the defense get away with not playing hard.

"We did push-ups between sessions, we had goals for every time we went out for turnovers and knockdowns and if we didn't achieve them they would do push-ups," Hughes said.

The defense did respond and played with much more fire and emotion with the sound of popping pads and a general sense that the players were not just going through the motions. It took a little time for the defense to get going in the day but, with the coaches driving them there, it took them to the place where great defense is played.

The day concluded with a 20 minute scrimmage with Bishop McGuinness. The Pioneers scored on its first drive with a touchdown to Prather but then after that the offense stalled. Some overthrown passes and dropped balls derailed drives the offense could not overcome.

"I was a little disappointed in the team scrimmage part," Hix said. "I felt like we left a lot on the table. We missed about three throws that could have made it a very lopsided session."

The defense was at its peak in the scrimmage. Bishop McGuinness moved the ball but never scored as the Pioneers defense held it out of the end zone for the whole 20 minutes. The passion and fire was at an all-time high during the scrimmage with the big play coming from Mayberry, playing linebacker, who hit the running back as he was receiving the handoff and caused a fumble.

The Pioneers are hoping that it can build on a successful Day 2 with the final day in Mustang and the camp in Stillwater next week so it can end the spring on a high note.
5-30-13 by Jordan Neal