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Day 1: Stillwater Camp
Spring football is coming to a close for the Pioneers, but it still has one more day left to end of football to end it on a strong note.

Monday was the first day of a similar camp to the one the team had in Mustang last week, where teams take turns scrimmaging each other in shoulder pads and helmets only this time the camp took place at Pioneer Stadium. Teams from Bartlesville and Yukon were there and the coaches enforced a strict wrap-up and stay-up style of scrimmage.

In contrast, the camp in Mustang was full contact, tackle to the ground unless it was a quarterback and even then sometimes the coach's whistle, sometimes, would not be quick enough. All of that with no leg pads worn by any players.

The Pioneers were not in full swing today. Head coach Tucker Barnard was not pleased.

"I think we were pretty sloppy today," Barnard said. "We didn't execute real well. We got a lot to work on. We didn't throw and catch really well. Defensively we are blowing a lot of our responsibilities."

Despite the not so stellar day, Barnard said that it will be good for the team to look at the film and work on the problems during the summer.

The offense had its worst day throwing the ball in two weeks. The quarterbacks were inaccurate all day and receivers were not running crisp routes. This led to a day where offensive coordinator Paul Hix was beside himself with the sloppy play.

The defense was effective at times but had busts in coverage that led to several passing touchdowns from the secondary. The defense struggled with the wrap-up stay-up style of play where at times it looked like players were not playing as hard as they can in fear of hitting someone too hard.

The Pioneers have one more day at its one camp before the pads will come off and spring football will be over. They hope that it will end on a strong note.
6-4-13 by Jordan Neal