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Spring Practice Concludes For Pioneers
The pads that the Stillwater football players suit up in will be hanging in their lockers, waiting to be put back on until August.

Spring practice came to a close on Tuesday at Pioneer stadium, as the team hosted
Bartlesville and Yukon for a team camp to improve heading into the fall. The teams scrimmaged each other for the entire duration of the camp on Tuesday. It was noticeable early the Pioneers still have a ways to go before August rolls around. Pioneer Head Coach Tucker Barnard agrees.

"We need some guys to be making the average play," Barnard said. "We haven't had much success with methodical drives; it always seems to be a three-and-out or a big play score. We need to work on some consistency there."

Another area in which the Pioneers seemed to be inconsistent was on the defensive side of the ball. There were times the defense would go out and show plenty of emotion and get off the field by forcing a three-and-out or a turnover, but there were other times the defense looked like they lacked any intensity at all.

"I don't know if its physical conditioning, or a lack of mental focus, but we got to figure that out," Barnard said.

One thing some of the players have had trouble figuring out is the new offensive and defensive schemes. Defensively, the Pioneers switched to a 3-4 defensive approach and it is evident some of the players are still finding it difficult to adjust to their new positions. This is why there could be a little bit of a change come August.

"I don't think we will be making any wholesale changes on either side of the ball, but it is time to tweak some things," Barnard said.

Spring practice 2013 is in the books. The coaches now have all summer to review film from spring practices and see what kinds of adjustments need to be made. Once those adjustments are implemented, it will be up to the Pioneer football team to put those adjustments to good use and win some football games.
6-6-13 by Ty Loftis