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Edmond North No Problem For Prather, Pioneers
Brandon Prather and the Stillwater Pioneers devastated the Huskies on both sides of the ball on Friday night.

Stillwater had no trouble running the ball as they rushed for a total of 436 yards on the night. The Pioneers had four players rush for more than 100 yards as they defeated the Huskies 38-14.

"We did a good job running the football tonight," coach Tucker Barnard said. "Brandon (Prather), Cameron (Mayberry), Marlon (McDonald) and the offensive line were outstanding."

Prather had a solid night offensively (seven carries, 100 yards and two touchdowns) making plays on the defensive side as well recording an interception on the second play of the second half.

"If that's what it takes for us to win is me playing both sides, and me giving all the effort I have on everything then I'm fine with it," Prather said.

The Pioneer defense held Edmond North to 127 yards passing and 165 yards on the ground. The defense also recorded two interceptions in its 24-point victory.

"We had one bust on the defensive side, which kind of killed us, but we bounced back and came out on top," Prather said.

Stillwater sealed the win in the 4th quarter when Marlon McDonald blocked a Huskies' punt, which he then scooped up in the end zone.

"The time before when they punted I thought I could get there but I didn't dive," McDonald said. "The next one I laid out and got it, and luckily one of my teammates kicked it into the end zone for me so I got a nice little touchdown there."
9-20-14 by Chad Waters