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Snap, Hold, Kick, Good!
10-3-15 by Kurtis Quillin
Third down, 20 yards to go.

The game is tied, 22-22.

Midwest City quarterback Brendan Brown lines up in the shotgun. Wide receiver Kobe Love lines up on the right sideline.

Brown takes a three-step drop off the snap. He looks to his right, never to the left, heaves a pass down the field to Love.

Love makes a move, shoves Stillwater safety Garrett Leming, almost makes the catch on the sideline but drops it on to the sideline.

Penalty markers fly to the collision. Love was called for offensive pass interference.

At that point, Stillwater coach Tucker Barnard had to decide which he wanted to face: 3rd-and-35 if he accepts the penalty or 4th-and-20, likely to receive a punt. Barnard declined the penalty and Midwest City lined up to punt.

"Back deep to return for the Pioneers, No. 1, Jordan Brown," the PA announcer said.

Brendan Brown, also the punter, sends one sky-high. It hops at the 30, then the 25, then Jordan Brown fielded the punt at the Stillwater 20.

Jordan started to his left, cut back to his right and made a hesitation move. As the Bomber punt defender rushes past him, he saw a gap on the Stillwater sideline, tucked the ball and ran.

He ran from the Pioneer 20 down to Midwest City's 32-yard line. The stadium is electric.

Thirty-seven seconds are left in the game.

First down, Pioneer quarterback Jace Brownlee passes to Matt Little but it's short.

Twenty-seven seconds left.

Connor Wilcoxen lines up aside Brownlee, gets the handoff and centers the ball on the 29-yard line, setting up a 46-yard field goal attempt. Barnard runs out next to an official.

With two seconds left, Barnard called a timeout.

Kicker Zach Bryant's long in practice was 54 yards, but his longest recorded in a game was only 36 yards.

As both teams broke their huddles, the stands started to shake.

The snap is back, low and to the right of place-holder Ben Jessell, but he saves it.

Jessell has it held just in time for Bryant's kick.

Bryant approached the spot at the snap.

Jessel takes a hand off.

Bryant kicked the ball.

As the kick sailed through the air, Bryant knew.

A whistle blew. Two officials nodded their heads, walked out and held both arms straight up.

The clock said 0:00.

Pioneers clad in all white stormed the field, joined by cheerleaders and members of the Stillwater High School pom squad.

Doubted by many in the media, the Stillwater Pioneers upset the Midwest City Bombers 25-22 at Midwest City's Jim Darnell Stadium.

Now, the Pioneers (2-3 overall, 1-0 District 6A II-2) are co-leaders in the district with Lawton High School, who is 2-0 in district play.

The Pioneers and Wolverines will play next week, at Pioneer Stadium.

"Stillwater's the team to beat now," Jordan Brown said. "We're a good team. Watch out for Stillwater."