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Stillwater Faces Lawton For District Lead
10-9-15 by Patrick Osborne
Hanta Yo, the creed of the Lawton football team.

The Stillwater football team will try to stop the Wolverines from executing their longtime creed Friday at 7 p.m. at Pioneer Stadium in a district game.

The Lakota tribe phrase that means, "Clear the path," is what Lawton will try to do against the smaller Pioneers (2-3 overall, 1-0 in District 2) after rushing for close to 500 yards in its previous game against Enid.

Kameron Linsenmeyer said Stillwater has the ability to block the Wolverine path.

Linsenmeyer said the Pioneers aren't as big as the Wolverines but they can use that to their advantage. He said Lawton (3-1, 1-0) has the size but not the speed on the lines and said he thinks Stillwater will be able to get by them by being faster.

In its previous game against Midwest City the Stillwater defense allowed one first-half first down in what looked to be the unit's best performance to this point. Linsenmeyer said a similar performance is possible this week if the offense continues to help.

"That gave us a lot of confidence," he said. "First thing, our offense has to do their job and not get pinned back in their side of the field. The reason why we only gave up one first down is because (Midwest City) was driving from their side of the field every time in the first half and when you do that you won't have the momentum to go down the field every time. That's why we stopped them, and we're going to do the same with Lawton."

Although the Pioneers and Wolverines come into the game tied for the district lead Stillwater Coach Tucker Barnard said the coaches haven't told the team about its position in the standings and said it shouldn't be on the minds of his players.

"I don't think there's any extra pressure at all," Barnard said. "I don't feel that. I don't think the kids feel any extra pressure."

Barnard said though it's possible some members on the team might not have expected to be in the position they are in coming into this game, he said it hasn't changed how they have approached the week.

Linsenmeyer said he agreed. "I feel like we are in the same situation," he said. "I still think (Lawton) thinks we're old Stillwater and not as good as we actually are and we're going to take advantage."

Take advantage, and block the path.

Linsenmeyer and Barnard said they think the Pioneers will have the ability to call out the Wolverines' offensive plays before the snap similar to their previous game against the Bombers.

"We have the same confidence," Linsenmeyer said. "We prepared the same for Lawton. We know their formations and their plays and we're going to come out and know they're running as their lining up to the ball and we'll do the same thing we did (against Midwest City)."