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The Hit Heard 'Round The Stadium
Fans on both sides of the stadium were confused when Stillwater's Brendon Goad was ejected.

Goad was ejected for a hit on Jaryn Curry late in the third quarter of a 30-27 Class 6A 2 District 2 win for the Pioneers at Choctaw.

It was a short play, no longer than a few seconds.

Curry swung out toward the Stillwater sideline on a bubble screen.
He didn't have time to turn around and check up field. He never saw Goad. He never saw the hit coming.

As soon as the ball made contact with Curry's hands, Goad was there to make contact with Curry's chest.

Goad said he knew from the time the ball was snapped he would be in the right position to make a hard tackle. He said it was the opportunity every safety looks forward to having.

"We want to be as physical as we can be," he said. "It's what Coach (Tucker) Barnard teaches us to do. We want to be headhunters, in the right way. I hope we have more hits like that, maybe not as 'ify I guess."

The hit, which occurred on the East end of the stadium, was heard on that side of the stadium. It was heard on the West end. It was heard in the press box.

Curry's helmet flew five yards in the opposite direction as Goad celebrated the powerful hit with his teammates before they noticed Curry didn't get up.

The stadium went silent. Stillwater quickly stopped the celebration when it noticed Curry didn't get up immediately. Trainers from both teams ran to assistant him as the officials tried to figure out what to do. They didn't throw a flag right away. But after a few minutes of discussion, the officials decided to eject Goad for helmet-to-helmet contact.

Although they were worried about Curry, many Choctaw parents were confused. They thought it was a clean hit. So did the Stillwater parents. So did Goad.

"When I watched it, my head is even with his shoulder pads," He said. "I'm not sure how his helmet popped off. Maybe the top of my helmet hit his facemask or something but I honestly thought it was fine. I was being physical. It was football. You can't complain about being too physical."

Curry would walk off on his own after a few minutes and was seen holding his ribs and not his head, but the officials still believed the hit was illegal and the ejection stood.

The officials could not be reached for comment after the game.

Barnard said that was the first time one of his players has been ejected from a game.

"It was a big hit," he said. "It was a violent collision but I thought it was clean quite honestly. We've got sideline video and we looked at it and it still looked clean. It was a big hit but he put his shoulder pads in (Curry's) ribs. I disagree with the ejection completely. I'm glad (Curry) seems to be OK but it didn't seem to me to be an ejection."
10-17-15 by Patrick Osbourne