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Senior Night Spoilers
This wasn't the ending the Stillwater Pioneers wanted for Senior Night.

Putnam City West defeated the Pioneers 35-26 on Thursday night at Pioneer Stadium.
Before the game, all of the Stillwater seniors and their parents were honored on the field.

Each of the 24 seniors was introduced and had his face and name flashed on the Jumbotron before the game and at halftime.

Bo Gamble, father of Hudson Gamble, a running back and linebacker, said it was a bittersweet moment.

"It always hard when things have to come to an end, there were a lot of mixed emotions tonight," Bo Gamble said. "But in the end you have to be proud of your kids."

The game started with the teams matching scores until it was tied at 14, however the Patriots pulled away in the second half and won 35-26.

Stillwater, with a win could have locked up a playoff spot and possibly a home game during the playoffs.

"That would have been huge. It would have meant so much to win at home tonight," said John Latzke, senior defensive lineman,
"We would have basically locked up a home playoff spotů we missed our shot."

Senior wide receiver Jordan Brown, a Tulsa commit, took a screen pass 28 yards for a first down to extend a drive that led to a touchdown that tied the game at 7 in first quarter. Brown finished with seven receptions and 110 yards.

"I played good tonight; it was my last home game so I went all out," Brown said.

Despite his efforts, Stillwater had the momentum shift late in the first half.

"We missed a big chance," Stillwater coach Tucker Barnard said. "The seniors are hurting right now. They are going to have to wear this for a while, and we are going to have to build them back up. We have to fight now and make sure we don't miss our playoff chance."

Junior quarterback Jace Brownlee rushed for three touchdowns, but they weren't enough to send the seniors off as winners.

"We had extra pressure to play hard and win for our seniors," Brownlee said. "I know Jordan was playing his heart out, he made plays happen that shouldn't have happened."

Rain had little effect on the Senior Night events except for the Senior Circle, which had to be moved to field house. The Senior

Circle is a tradition where the team and its fans gather around the S at midfield and the seniors share their favorite memories from the past four years.

"My best memory of the last four years of high school is being a part of this team," defensive lineman John Latzke said.
It was a tough night for the players and their parents on several levels.

"It's hard to believe it is the end," said Jeff Bryant, kicker Zach Bryant's father. Amy Bryant, Zach's mother, said, "Just two years ago Zach was making his first start and now it's almost over. But we're not sad, we are now just looking forward to what's next."
10-23-15 by Devin Wilber