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Jordan Brown Key Against Mustang
Jordan Brown proved his importance to Stillwater when he ran back the second half kickoff for a touchdown for the Pioneers' first score.

Brown just looked for the end zone.

"[Teammate] Christian Bahl told me the sideline would be wide open, so I trusted him and clear green grass and scored," Brown said.

Brown made his season debut Friday in a 41-14 loss at Pioneer Stadium against the Mustang Broncos after a suspension kept him and eight teammates from the season opener. Brown was eager to be back.

"It was great to be back out there good to be back with my team and it sucked watching them the first week and not be able to play, but it was great to be back," Brown said.

Coach Tucker Barnard was happy to have Brown back; last week, the Pioneers had 12 passing yards, and with Brown in the game Friday they had 99.

"Obviously he gives us more options there ... no matter who is playing quarterback or wide receiver we've got to run the football to make our offense go," Barnard said.

Although the Pioneers could not overcome Mustang, Brown added to his highlight reel.
Although a wide receiver who has committed to Tulsa, Brown started his season at quarterback, which is a position familiar to him.

"Last year, I played some little bit of quarterback,'' Brown said. "I love playing quarterback, I know what I'm doing I know all the offense so they trust me back there."

Brown says he hopes to be able to show off his arm this season. After two consecutive nonscoring Stillwater drives, Brown was able to get things going when he caught a 35-yard pass down the middle to put Stillwater at the Mustang 29. It was not enough to get Stillwater a touchdown. In the second half, he set the Pioneers up for success when he caught a 28-yard pass down field. It would not be enough for the Pioneers (0-2) to score.

Despite the loss, Brown is confident Stillwater will improve next week against Edmond North.

"We need to improve on both sides of the field; we'll definitely be ready for Edmond North and probably will win," Brown said.
9-12-15 by Emma Stamps