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Friday First For Pioneers
9-18-15 by Kurtis Quillin
Someone has to win on Friday when Stillwater heads to Edmond.

The 0-2 Pioneers play 0-2 Edmond North on Friday at Wantland Stadium on the campus of the University of Central Oklahoma.

"We know that they're a pretty balanced team," senior quarterback Jaden McCune said. "They run and they pass, I guess that's the two options you have and they balance it out well. They've got a really good receiver they're trying to get the ball to. They've done some tricky stuff on kickoff and their quarterback is pretty much their guy."

The Huskies' quarterback, Noah Tews, was the victim of a brutal hit in his season opener against Edmond Santa Fe.

"We've got to perform better on both sides of the ball and I'm sure Edmond North is probably saying something similar in their office right now," Stillwater coach Tucker Barnard said. "We've got to get where we're doing our jobs more consistently and better."

The Pioneers offense sputtered against No. 3 Mustang last Friday and their defense surrendered 41 points to an offense which features one Division 1 commit and multiple Division 1 prospects.

"Last week I felt like we were physically beat up a little bit," Barnard said. "I felt like they were a little stronger than we were and played a little bit tougher than we did across the field, but especially on the offensive and defensive lines. It starts there so we've got to win that battle."

One thing not going for Stillwater is it's helmet situation. Barnard, who before the Mustang game, said the team would likely roll out Penn State-type, all white uniforms with chrome decals on the new helmets.

"We've got a few guys who are sized wrong so we're waiting on them to come in, they're supposed to be in and they're not in so we're still waiting," Barnard said. "Hopefully soon."

Without the white-out uniforms, Friday will be Barnard's first trip to UCO in his five-year tenure at Stillwater. Barnard said for a coach it's no different than as a player, that new atmospheres and different stadiums are a part of what makes his job fun.

The trip, though, will be without Braden Henry, Logan Fletcher and other players who are out for the rest of the season with knee injuries. Barnard declined further comment, including names.

Be it the stadium, a win or both, Stillwater will see a first on Friday.