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Pioneers Drive For Playoff Bid
10-22-16 by Emily Lingenfelter
Stillwater High School, for the second year in a row, finds itself vying for a playoff bid with two games left in division play.

Stillwater won consecutive games for the first time all season, beating Enid 35-10 in a Class 6A-II District I game at Pioneer Stadium on Thursday.

The Pioneers capitalized on a strong running game, piling up 395 yards against Enid (3-4 overall, 2-3 district) in a must-win district game.

To match the solid offensive effort, the Stillwater defense could only be described as organized chaos.

"The defense is just killing it," senior Josiah Castleberry said.

The blitz was strong and unpredictable beginning with the Plainsmen's first possession. The Pioneers collected one sack and four interceptions. The defense held Enid to a field goal in the first half.

"We obviously created pressure and hit some guys tonight," coach Tucker Barnard said.

Enid's offense struggled behind sophomore quarterback Mason Skrimager, who started only his fifth varsity game this year. The
Plainsmen scored with 10:16 left.

"I know we were not happy giving that up late," Barnard said. "We feel like maybe we let down just a little bit there."
Collectively Stillwater (4-4, 2-3) earned 459 yards. With several options, senior Josiah Castleberry emerged as the run-game leader with 201 yards for two touchdowns, including a 53-yard score that opened up the game for the Pioneers early in the second quarter. His run made it 13-3. Tyler Disidore added two 5-yards touchdowns.

"We really wanna make it to the playoffs, and you know, we didn't have a strong start," Castleberry said. "We're just surviving right now."

The offense, which freshman quarterback Gunnar Gundy led, was on the field for the majority of the third quarter. Gundy was able to connect with Christian Bahl twice, and Jace Brownlee played large role coming out of the backfield.

"Our O-line was making big gaps," Brownlee said. "Our O-line did a lot tonight."

Barnard agreed and praised his linemen.

"All three tailbacks, Josiah and Jace, and Tyler all had some really nice runs tonight," Barnard said. "The other thing that tells you is that the offensive line is doing a good job."

The top two teams in 6A-II District 1 possess a 3-2 record going into Friday night. With Thursday night's victory, Stillwater joined Deer Creek, Choctaw and Enid with two district wins. To be in a favorable position for playoff selection, Stillwater will need to win out and finish as a top four team in the district.