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9-20-16 by Emily Lingenfelter
Outwardly, Stillwater native Garrett Leming was collected and rehearsed Thursday afternoon.

The primary objective for his first game: "I'm looking for a win. As a team, I want to win."

Under the lights of Pioneer Stadium on Friday, Leming, a junior quarterback, maintained that composure. He accomplished his goal in Stillwater High School's 24-7 victory against Edmond Memorial.

Leming will lead Stillwater (1-0) again at 7 p.m. Thursday when the Pioneers play at Moore (0-1) in a nonconference game.

Leming played safety for the Pioneers in 2015. The transition to quarterback appeared seamless, which Leming attributes to his time on defense.

"Since I've played defense I know defensive tendencies," Leming said.

He said this helps him make educated decisions.

There are multiple attributes that make Leming an ideal candidate for the quarterback position, coach Tucker Barnard said.

"It starts with an attitude and a charisma that he has," Barnard said. "He has some intangibles, some of the things you can't coach."

This was on display from kickoff; Leming served as a composed game manager.

The team kept the ball on the ground Friday, which it has in past seasons.

Before the game, Leming emphasized the Pioneers' run game but said their offense would adjust accordingly.

He had only one pass as the result of a fake punt and accumulated 43 of the team's 404 total yards.

After the game, Leming said, "I'm OK with it; it keeps stuff off film."

Leming credited his line and backfield for the impressive number of yards. He couldn't say enough about the blocking efficiency.

"The front guys did a great job tonight opening up holes, and Josiah Castleberry had a heck of a night," Leming said.

Castleberry rushed for 272 yards and three touchdowns.

Leming remained composed and humble in victory as he praised his teammates. He embraces his leadership role and fully acknowledges the work put in by his teammates.

"Honestly, you probably need to ask those other 10 guys on the field," Leming said. "I like to think that I'm a leader, and I'm going to do my best to help those guys win."

Earlier this week, Barnard reinforced his decision to start Leming.

"It didn't take very long to see that he's, you know . . . just the type of competitor he is, the perfectionist he is, the way he approaches training, that it's going to be the right decision," Barnard said.