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Gunnar Gundy Shines In Debut
9-25-16 by Devin Lawrence Wilber
It was clear from his first pass the Stillwater Pioneers might have found their quarterback of the future.

Even with the 21-14 loss, Stillwater has some bright spots to look at moving forward, one being freshman quarterback Gunnar
Gundy, who played valuable time for the Pioneers on Friday night.

Gundy finished 5 of 10 for 42 yards.

With the Stillwater offense struggling in the first half, the Pioneers made a strategic change, moving junior quarterback Garrett Leming to wide receiver and putting Gundy under center in the second quarter.

On Gundy's first pass, he hit Leming in stride down the left sideline for a 64-yard touchdown, however the play was called back for holding.

Gaining confidence on his first pass, Gundy continued to well play.

"I gained some pretty good confidence off that first pass," Gundy said. "I recognized he was open with no corner on him, he looked at me, checked me to a fade and I made the throw."

Even on his incompletions, Gundy looked impressive. He hit his receivers, placing the ball where they could make a play, giving the Pioneers plenty of big-play opportunities.

Gundy also showed his athleticism and ability to move in the pocket and scramble.

With the pocket collapsing, Gundy rolled to his left escaping the Deer Creek blitz, hitting Leming on the move for a 10-yard gain and a first down near the end of the first half.

Gundy continued to make plays in the second half, for he hit multiple receivers on the move.

Gundy, whose father, Mike, coaches Oklahoma State, has grown up around the game.

"He's taught me a ton about the game,'' Gundy said. "I go to all of his practices and watch and learn. He gives me tips and I listen. It is great to have him because he has taught me everything I know about the game and I am confident when I am on the field because of it.

The Pioneers almost capitalized on another huge Gundy to Leming pass in third quarter as Gundy dropped back and hit
Lemming in stride again. Leming couldn't maintain possession, falling out of bounds.

After Gundy played the second and third quarters, Leming returned under center in the fourth quarter.

"We have a ton of confidence in Gunnar," Stillwater Coach Tucker Barnard said. "Our deal right now is trying to pick those moments and try to put him in situations where he can be successful. It can be hard on us some times to make those calls."