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Leming Makes Move To Wide Receiver
9-25-16 by Hallie Hart
Junior Garrett Leming started at quarterback in the Stillwater Pioneers' matchup against Deer Creek.

By the end of the second quarter, he moved to wide receiver, catching passes from freshman quarterback Gunnar Gundy.

Despite Leming's attempts in various roles, the Deer Creek Antlers defeated the Stillwater Pioneers 21-14 on Friday at Pioneer Stadium in a District 6AII-2 game.

Stillwater fell to 2-2 overall and 0-1 in district play.

Deer Creek is 1-3, 1-0.

At quarterback, Leming's passing game was limited. The majority of the Pioneers' offensive plays were Josiah Castleberry rushes.

Gundy entered the game with 9:00 left in the second quarter, and Leming then made the transition to wide receiver.

This role proved to be a fitting one for Leming. During his first play at receiver, Leming caught a 62-yard touchdown pass.

Although the play was negated because of an illegal shifting ruling, it demonstrated Leming's athleticism. Leming later grabbed a pass for a first down in the second quarter.

Leming often displayed his versatility. After a 13-yard Castleberry touchdown with 2:08 left in the second quarter, Leming kicked the extra point to tie the game at 14. Leming also was Stillwater's punter.

Leming returned to quarterback with 3:04 left in the third quarter.

"We were trying to decide what we were gonna do coming out of the half, and we actually brought that decision all the way to the field," coach Tucker Barnard said. "It really wasn't a matter of it went well or didn't go well the first couple of series. It was just a matter of who was gonna come out. We had really two different thought processes that we wanted to work through, one with each of the two quarterbacks. We wanted to see them both."

At quarterback, Leming faced some struggles. Deer Creek's defense kept the Pioneers from gaining significant yardage during Leming's four drives as quarterback during the third quarter. In the fourth quarter, linebacker Dalton Dawson sacked Leming.

During another play, Leming had an opportunity to gain yards but scampered back and forth across the field, holding on to the ball and not advancing.

Leming finished with 91 passing yards, going 9 for 15.

For next week's game, Barnard likely plans to continue to give Leming chances as quarterback and receiver.

"I think we'll probably continue like we're doing," Barnard said. "We'll play both guys at quarterback, and when Gunnar's in at quarterback, Garrett will be a receiver."