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Morgan Prawl Has Big Night
9-16-17 by Hallie Hart
Morgan Prawl ensured Stillwater gained control of the ball.

Prawl joined other members of Stillwater High School's defense to defeat Mustang 31-14 on Friday night at Pioneer Stadium in a nonconference football game.

Prawl, a junior cornerback, had two interceptions, and he recovered a botched Bronco punt attempt at the 4 with 1:46 left in the first quarter.

Stillwater (3-0) took advantage of several defensive opportunities when its linebackers continually forced Bronco turnovers. Although Stillwater had only one turnover, Mustang had five. Four of those Mustang turnovers occurred before halftime.

Prawl's first interception shattered Mustang's opportunity for a first-quarter touchdown. With 8:10 left in the quarter, the Broncos attempted to tie the game at 7. Brayden Garrett, Mustang's senior quarterback, attempted a pass to Damian Close, a senior wide receiver. Prawl leaped in front of Close, extended his arms and secured the ball.

Prawl said he was prepared for the moment.

"We practiced it all through the week," Prawl said. "Coach (Tucker Barnard) draws it up on film. He tells us they're gonna do that. The best thing to do is stay back and watch for the quarterback, watch his eyes."

Prawl's second takeaway was late in the second quarter. Barnard, when he plays scout-team quarterback in practice, said he also has had Prawl intercept him.

"He's been right where he's supposed to be all week," Barnard said.

Although Prawl's interceptions were critical, he wasn't the only player who made an impact. Steven Gentry and Tyler Disidore each had takeaways; Stillwater intercepted the ball four times against Mustang. The Pioneers had 80 tackles and three sacks.

Stillwater's defense lost some power in the second half when the Broncos scored both touchdowns. Then Winston Watkins, a junior linebacker, recovered a fumble for Stillwater with 2:31 left. After Watkins gained possession, Disidore rushed 69 yards for Stillwater's last touchdown.

Watkins, who led Stillwater with nine tackles, said the defenders are a tight-knit group.

"It's a bunch of brothers out there," Watkins said. "We all love each other and are so respecting of others. We always know what the other one is capable of, so we can count on each other to get each other's job done. It's really great."

Barnard said the Pioneers are undefeated through their initial three games for the first time since 2014. Prawl expressed his confidence in the future of Stillwater's season.

"We gotta maintain it," Prawl said. "We gotta keep going."